Block-C, B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana
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Circular No. Month Subject
Circular No. P08/22 Jan. Regarding 'Two Minutes Silence' on Martyyrs' Day
Circular No. P07/22 Jan. Regarding Free Vaccination Camp in the school
Circular No. S01/22 Jan. Regarding Reporting of staff to school on alternate days
Circular No. P06/22 Jan. Regarding Online Classes & Sample Papers for X and XII (Term2)
Circular No. P04/22 Jan. Regarding Online Classes 
Circular No. P03/22 Jan. Regarding Registration as Voter
Circular No. P02/22 Jan. Regarding Covid-19 Vaccination for students aged 15-18 years
Circular No. 44/21 Dec. Regarding Fee Deposit for the month of January
Circular No. 43/21 Dec. Regarding CBSE Class IX Data
Circular No. 42/21 Dec. Regarding PTM Schedule for classes III - IX
Circular No. 41/21 Dec. Regarding Offline Classes for Nursery - IX
Circular No. 40/21 Dec. Regarding reschedule of timings of Post Mid Term Exams
Circular No. 39/21 Dec. Regarding Odd/Even System for Post Mid Term Exams
Circular No. 38/21 Dec. Regarding Preparatory OFF
Circular No. 37/21 Dec. Regarding Covid-19 Guidelines (Wearing Masks)
Circular No. 36/21 Dec. Regarding Online Classes due to ongoing CBSE Term1 Exam
Circular No. 35/21 Dec. Regarding Fee Reminder
Circular No. 33/21 Nov. Regarding Online classes due to CBSE Term 1 Exam
Circular No. 32/21 Nov. Regarding Online Classes on 20th Nov, 2021
Circular No. 31/21 Nov. Regarding National Achievement Survey (NAS)
Circular No. 30/21 Oct. Regarding School Transport for classes PreKG - UKG
Circular No. 29/21 Oct. Regarding Dispersal time for students
Circular No. 28/21 Sept. Regarding School Transport for Offline classes
Circular No. 27/21 Sept. Regarding Depositing of Answer Sheets in school
Circular No. 26/21 August Regarding Offline Revision Test
Circular No. 25/21 August Regarding School Off
Circular No. 24/21 August Regarding Career Counselling Session 
Circular No. 23/21 August Regarding Offline classes for students
General August Regarding Duty List for collection of notebooks on 16th August, 2021
Circular No. 22/21 August Regarding Reopening of school
Circular No S-10/21 August Regarding Reopening of School wef 9th August,2021
General  August Regarding Duty List for collection of notebooks on 9th August, 2021
Circular No. 21/21 August Regarding Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav - Singing of Rastragaan
General August Regarding Duty List for return of notebooks on 7th August, 2021
General August Regarding School Re-opening message for students
Circular No. 20/21 August Regarding Advisory for Parents
Circular No. 19/21 August Regarding Reopening of schools for classes PreKG - IX
Circular No. 18/21 August Regarding change of timings for XI and XII
General July Regarding Duty List for return of notebooks on 2nd August, 2021
General July Regarding Duty List for return of notebooks on 31st July, 2021
Circular No. 17/21 July Regarding 'Ambassadors of Behavior Change' Program
General  July Regarding Notebooks Collection Duty List
Circular No. 16/21 July Regarding Offline Classes for X, XI and XII
Circular No. 15/21 July Regarding Notebook Correction Schedule for classes III-VIII
Circular No. 14/21 July Regarding linking of Zoom with Feebank App for online classes
General July Regarding Club/SUPW Activities
Circular No. 13/21 June Regarding Hobby Club Meetings
Circular No. 12/21 June Regarding Screening Test for NTSE aspirants
Circular No. 11/21 May Regarding Awareness Talk on 'Myths about Covid-19'
General  May Regarding Holidays Homework (PreKG-XII) for the session 2021-22
Circular No. 10/21 May Regarding Postpone of Assessment for Pre-Primary classes 
Circular No. 09/21 May Regarding Summer Vacation 
Circular No. 08/21 May Regardiing May Assessment (Oral) for classes PreKG, LKG and UKG
Circular No. 07/21 May Regarding May Assessment for classes I and II (Oral and Written)
Circular No. 06/21 April Regarding Senate Elections of Punjab University, Chandigarh
Circular No. 05/21 April Regarding XII Examinations
Circular No. 04/21 April Regarding Holiday and Fee Reminder 
Circular No. 03/21 April Regarding School Circulars on Feebank and School Website  
Circular No. 02/21 April Regarding Virtual Havan Ceremony (2021-2022)
Circular No. 01/21 April Regarding Commencement of New Session (2021-2022)