Circulars 2023-2024  
Circular No. Month Subject
Circular No. 66/24 Feb. Regarding Group Wise Class Photograph
Circular No. 65/24 Feb. Regarding Saturday Time Table to be followed
Circular No. 64/24 Feb. Regarding 'doubt clearing' session
Circular No. 63/24 Feb. Regarding Transfer Certificate 
Circular No. 62/24 Feb.  Regarding 'Albendazole' tablet for students
Circular No. 60/24 Feb. Regarding Provisional Admission to XI
General Jan. Final Examination Datesheet
General Jan. Cass XI Entrance Test Result for the session (2024-2025)
Circular No. 59/24 Jan. Regarding change of school timings
Circular No. 58/24 Jan. Regarding regular school on 22nd January, 2024
General Jan. Regarding Provisional Admission Form for Class XI
Circular No. 57/24 Jan. Regarding Reminder for Fees
Circular No. 56/24 Jan. Regarding School OFF
Circular No. 55/24 Jan. Regarding School OFF from Nursery to V due to cold weather
Circular No. 50/23 Dec. Regarding Change in Datesheet due to DAV Sports - State Level
Circular No. 49/23 Dec. Regarding Donation of Old Winter Uniform (Reminder)
Circular No. 48/23 Dec. Regarding OFF to classes Nursery to II
Circular No. 47/23 Dec. Regarding Donation of Old Winter Uniforms
Circular No. 46/23 Dec. Regarding Career Counselling Session for IX and X
General Dec. Round 2 - Preboard Datesheet (Class XII) 
Circular no. 45/23 Dec. Regarding OFF for classes Nursery to UKG due to DAV Sports (Cluster Level)
Circular No. P44/23     Dec.     Regarding Change in School timings (Instructions from State Govt.)        
General Dec. Activity Calendar - December
General Dec. Post Mid Term Datesheet (III - XI)
Circular No. P43/23 Nov. Regarding Winter Uniform
General Nov. Preboard Round-1 Datesheet (XII)
Circular No. P42/23 Nov. REMINDER - Career Counselling Session (IX)
Circular No. P41/23 Nov. REMINDER - Career Counselling Session (XI)
Circular No. P40/23 Nov. REMINDER - Career Counselling Session (X)
Circular No. P39/23 Nov. REMINDER - Career Counselling Session (XII)
Circular No. P38/23 Nov. Regarding OFF due to Jashan-e-Chalis
Circular No. P37/23 Nov. Regarding Career Counseling Sessions (IX-XII)
General Nov. Activity Calendar November
Circular No. P36/23 Oct. Regarding OFF to KG Wing due to Admission process
Circular No. P35/23 Oct. Regarding School Timings
Circular No. P32/23 Oct. Regarding PTM Schedule for classes III-XII
General Oct. Activity Calendar for October-2023
Circular No. P31/23 Oct. Regarding Daan Utsav 2023
Circular No. P30/23 Sept. Regarding Fee Notice
Circular No. P29/23 Sept. Regarding PTM for classes LKG to II
General Sept. Schedule for Assessment in performing Arts and Comp. Sci.
Circular No. P28/23 Sept. Regarding Scheme of Studies for Class IX
Circular No. P27/23 Sept. Regarding Change in school timing due to Teachers' Day
Circular No. P26/23 Sept. Message to students regarding 'Mobile Addiction'
General Sept. Strategies for Goal Setting, Effective Studying, and Time Management
Circular No. P25/23 Sept. Regarding Attendance of students (Letter from CBSE)
General August Datesheet for classes III - XII (Mid Term Examination)
General August Staff Circular
Circular No. P23/23 August Regarding CLOSURE of school
Circular No. P22/23 August Regarding Advisory on Conjunctivitis (Eye Flu) Prevention
Circular No. P21/23 August Regarding Letter to Parents
Circular No. P20/23 August Regarding Teej Celebrations from UKG - XII
Circular No. P19/23 August Regarding Mandatory 'EDUSECURE' App download 
Circular No. P18/23 August Regarding 'NO BAG DAY' for classes III - VI
Circular No. P17/23 August Regarding 'EDUSECURE' App
General August Activity Calendar - August 2023
General July Message from Principal
Circular No. P16/23 July Regarding Fee for 2nd Quarter
Circular No. P15/23 July Regarding extension of school OFF 
Circular No. P14/23 July Regarding School OFF
Staff July Instructions for teachers
General July Activity Calenday July 2023
Circular No. P13/23 June Regarding Fee Circular 
Staff June Regarding reopening of school
Circular No. P12/23 May Regarding PTM Schedule
Staff May Regarding Mother's Day celebration
Circular No. P11/23 May Regarding reporting late by students
Circular No. P10/23 May Regarding Instructions for students
Circular No. P08/23 May Pre Mid Term Datesheet
General April Activity Calenday May - 2023
Circular No. P07/23 April Regarding National Deworming Day
Circular No. P06/23 April Regarding Change in school timings
Circular No. P05/23 April Regarding Covid 19 Advisory for students
Circular No. P04/23 April Regarding Instructions for XI and XII students
Circular No. P03/23 April Regarding School OFF
Circular No. P01/23 April Welcome to New Academic Session 2023-2024


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