Green ATM Initiative  

We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children.

Rising global temperatures and increasing incidents of natural calamities have compelled mankind to review his actions and take corrective measures. Trees have been rightly called the lungs of the earth, but increasing urbanization and various developmental projects have taken a toll on the green cover of our cities and it calls for an emergent action. Nothing can be more rewarding than planting trees to contain all kinds of pollution and create a clean and green earth. DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana has always been a forerunner for the cause of the environment and in continuation of the green drive of the school launched in August 2019, another pioneering step has been taken by launching a ‘Green ATM’ on Van Mahotsav Day - 2022. The Green ATM aims at providing free of cost saplings to the school parents, staff members and other distinguished guests. On the lines of a Bank ATM, the Green ATM will make saplings available 24x7 to all nature lovers from the school gate (No. 01), but will not require any ATM card. A written record of the saplings provided from the Green ATM will be maintained in a log book at the school gate, which will fix the accountability of the beneficiary to not only plant the sapling but take care of it till it starts growing new branches.

The school has planned to grow its own nursery of medicinal plants, fruit trees and other local variety of trees e.g. neem, amla (indian gooseberry), bahera, sohanjna (drumstick/ moringa), bael, arjun, peepal, molshree, mango, pomegranate, guava, chikoo, fig, plum etc. All the saplings supplied through this ATM will be propagated in the school with the help of students, members of Eco Club and the school gardeners, who are rightly acting as the sentinels of mother earth. In addition to the saplings, the seed balls prepared and packed in paper bags made by the students, will also be available at the Green ATM to nature lovers, who can take the packets of seed balls and throw them along the roads or railway tracks
during their long journeys.

We aim at sowing the seeds of the right value system at a young age by involving our students in various projects that make them aware of their role as awakened citizens, and in turn they make conscious choices to reduce their carbon footprints. We believe that if everyone visiting the school campus plants one sapling a year, then together we will be making a significant contribution towards the conservation of the environment and do our bit towards creating a better world.

Let us partner in this Green initiative, and leave a greener, healthier planet for the generations to come.

Warm regards

Jaswinder K Sidhu



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