Block-C, B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana
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Education aims at holistic development of a child and Club and SUPW Activities polish the skills of the students and help them to develop respect for manual work. The students’ are enabled to contribute to their best for the common good. The students of classes IX and X have their club period of 80 minutes duration on Friday and classes VI – VIII have it on Saturday. The club activities aim in honing the life skills and the training given to them prepares them for a vocation or an enterprise in the years to come.

List of Clubs

1. RECIFORTE Club under the able guidance of Mrs. Sheetal Sood and Mrs. Sunita Mahindru prepares the students for:

  1. Dialogue Delivery
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Declamation
  4. Debate
  5. Creative Writing
  6. Extempore
  7. Poem Recitation                                                    In English

2. ABHIVYAKTI Club headed by Mrs. Monika Arora and Mrs. Beena imparts training in:

  1. Declamation
  2. Debate
  3.  Poem Recitation
  4. Creative Writing
  5. Poem Writing
  6. Story Writing
  7. Dialogue Delivery                                                    In Hindi

3. PANJSARITA Club managed by Mrs. Navjotdeep Kaur and Mrs. Harpreet Kaur prepares the students for:

  1. Declamation
  2. Debate
  3.  Poem Recitation
  4. Creative Writing
  5. Poem Writing
  6. Story Writing
  7. Dialogue Delivery                                                      In Punjabi

4. EXUN – Experts Unlimited is a group of students who under the guidance of Mrs. Jaswinder Kundi explore the resources to gain knowledge on the topics of:

  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. General Knowledge
  4. Disaster Management
  5. Innovations
  6. Books and Authors
  7. Discoveries for quiz at different levels
  8. Latest whos who

5. HEALTH ON A PLATTER – Under the mentorship of Mrs. Satinder Malik and Mrs. Sangeeta Singh trains the students in:

  1. Fireless Cooking
  2. Salad Making
  3. Table Setting
  4. Mocktails Preparations
  5. Snacks Making
  6. Meal Planning

6. FLOCREATE under the guidance of Mrs. Anu Dutta and Mrs. Amanpreet trains students to make:

  1. Petals
  2. Flowers
  3. Bouquets
  4. Bunches with paper and cloth

7. DELICATE STROKES under the mentorship of Mrs. Santosh Sharma trains the students in:

  1. Knitting
  2. Embroider
  3. Crochet
  4. Cross Stitch
  5. French Knot
  6. Shadow Work

8. FASHION DESIGNING CLUB under the guidance of Mrs. Meenakshi Behl trains students in:

  1. Designing dresses
  2. Decorate T-Shirts
  3. Theme based Dresses
  4. Make aprons for various moods and occasions

9. RHYTHM AND BEATS headed by Mrs. Poonam Vig and Mrs. Manu Joshi imparts vocal training to students for:

  1. Karaoke Singing
  2. Solo Singing
  3. Qwali Singing
  4. Group Singing

10. PANCHTATVA Club headed by Mrs. Navritu and Ms. Varsha teaches:

  1. Waste Management
  2. Best Out of Waste
  3. Safe Guarding Environment
  4. Tree Plantation

11. CATALYST CLUB members under the mentorship of Mrs. Sonika Jindal:

  1. Write informative articles
  2. Discuss lives of great scientists
  3. Gather information about discoveries in Science

12. ROBOKNIGHTS – THE ROBO CLUB members under the guidance of Mr. Anoop Kumar work on:

  1. Making working robots
  2. Assembly line of robots
  3. Aeromodelling
  4. Conceptualizing Models for advancement in Science and Technology

13. NCC students under the inchargeship of ANO learn:

  1. First Aid
  2. Leadership traits
  3. Map Reading
  4. Civil Defense
  5. Community Development
  6. Fire Fighting to be active and alert citizens

13. LEADERS’ CLUB members with their coach Mrs. Neelam Dass and Mrs. Poonam Abrol participate in:

  1. Discussions
  2. Prepare talks
  3. Organise MUN
  4. Participate in MUN
  5. Gather Information on the problems of different countries to be prepared for deliberation on various platform

14. SENTINELS OF ROAD SAFETY Club members under their guide Mr. Kamaljit Singh and Mr. Karan learn:

  1. Rules of Road Safety
  2. Importance of wearing helmets and seat belts
  3. Symbols of read

15. ARYA YUVA DAL under the guidance of Mrs. Renuka Chaudhary, Mr. Jaswinder Singh and Mrs. Sarita Arora:

  1. Collect Funds
  2. Gathers Ration
  3. Visits Old Age Homes
  4. Visit Orphanages
  5. Gather clothes to render social service
  6. Learn various yogasanas