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Holidays Homework 2019-2020  

Dear Parents

Namaskar !!!

We wish a very happy, healthy and joyful vacation time to the students. Kindly spend some quality time with your wards and talk to them and find out about their dreams and aspirations and further help them by giving inputs that will help them realize their dreams. 

Kindly note the following instructions:

1. Don’t take out print out of all the sheets for Holidays HW, rather save the file in the offline mode to complete the Holidays HW. This step on your part will go a long way in saving paper and thus saving the trees which are our lifelines.

2. Make your wards do the home work at their own and assist them only when there is an urgent need for the same.

3. All the students must read at least one extra book of their choice.

4. Download the HW at night/early morning when Internet connectivity is good and the task can be done without wasting much time.

5. Don’t panic if you face difficulty in downloading the HW. This happens only because the files are heavy or there are several students trying to download the HW at one particular time. Wait of a day or two is going to make the task easier for you.

6. In case of any query, contact at deepak.davbrs@gmail.com


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