Block-C, B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana
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Vision And Mission  

The school endeavours to impart value based education that makes every child believe in one's innate abilities so as to  strive harder to achieve the desired goals and later thrive in the gleaming glory of success that comes thereof.

  • To inculcate faith in one's abilities so that the arduous journey from ''I can '' to ''I must'' becomes an enjoyable learning experience.
  • To ignite the flame of knowledge by channelling one's energies  and to master the art of challenging oneself is the key to make the learning curve elevate perpetually.
  • To foster the spirit of working towards newer goals as the previous ones are accomplished thereby creating touchstones worth emulation.
  • To create an ambience that radiates with the light of knowledge,  reverberates with the joyful sounds of happiness and where socially,  spiritually and emotionally healthy individuals flourish and nurture more of their kind.


Enthusiasm - for hardwork,  collaboration and optimism.

Truthfulness - in thought,  initiative and attitude.

Empathy - for nature, underprivileged and differently abled.

Respect - for truth, diversity and wisdom.

Nobility - in vision, expression and action.

Ardour - for competence,  innovation and discipline.

Love - for creativity,  learning and language.