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Special Hawan Yajna for World Peace and Safety by DAV Staff
Event Start Date : 27/07/2019 Event End Date 27/07/2019

Invoking blessings of almighty for world peace and safety of all is the practice of D.A.V Institutions. A special Hawan Yajna was performed by the Principal and the Staff under the guidance of Regional General Secretary ,Roshan Lal Ji Arya. All the staff members having their birthdays and marriage anniversaries during the month were the yajmans during the hawan ceremony. Roshan Lal ji explained the meaning of the shlokas in detail while telling about the purpose behind hawan yajnas which not only have the purpose of purification of the environment but also help us to connect with the almighty while purifying our souls.
He urged all present to have a healthy blending of worldly and spiritual teachings during interaction with the students who are to imbibe these while following their mentors. He also informed that the rising flames of the Hawan Yajna are an inspiration to awaken our real selves that will keep us away from vices and help us tread the righteous path. 
Principal J.K. Sidhu thanked the guest for his presence and for explanation and the teachings and exhorted the staff to tread the righteous path and be good role models as the mentors.