Block-C, B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana
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IPTA Creates Water Awareness amongst students
Event Start Date : 01/02/2019 Event End Date 01/02/2019

Education aims at enlightening minds and visual images have everlasting impact on impressionable minds. Keeping this in mind the artist from Indian people’s Theatre Association, Moga Chapter cast a magic spell on young Davians sending home the message of water conservation and thus playing the role of responsible citizens. The Students sat with rapt attention mesmerized by the content and the acting of the artists.

It was a visual feast to watch the accurate expressions on the face matching with flawless dialogue delivery. The artists apprised the students about the seriousness of the issue raised through the play and encouraged them to take timely steps and contribute individually to bring about positive change.

Principal J.K. Sidhu thanked the artists from IPTA and made students take a vow to be the water sentinels and save potable water by arresting wastage. She gave the idea of water audit in the school to save the elixir of life which got a thumbs up response.