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DAV Director Public Schools addresses Principals and Teachers
Event Start Date : 24/09/2018 Event End Date 24/09/2018

Sh. J.P. Shoor (Director P.S. I and Aided Schools) of DAVCMC, New Delhi addressed a huge gathering of principals and teachers from across Punjab Zone - F. Sh. J.P. Shoor in his address highlighted the missionary zeal of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Mahatma Hans Raj ji and exhorted the staff to be great contributors in the making of the awakened citizens of the country. Sh. J.P. Shoor Ji through his presentation on the theme ‘Vision of DAV – Role of Principals and teachers’ talked about the vision of Swami Dayanand Ji and Mahatama Hans Raj Ji who dedicated their lives to the upliftment of the masses at a time when our society was reeling under superstitions and social evils. While talking about the present President Arya Rattan, Padam Shri Awardee Dr. Punam Suri Ji, he reiterated that Dr. Punam Suri Ji is following the path shown by the founders of DAV and is working tirelessly for spreading the knowledge of Vedas for the holistic development of the students in DAV institutions. Being at the helm of affairs he has become the beacon light for all associated with DAV.

He motivated the principals to be the role models for their staff and be academically inclined and infused with energy to motivate the learners to scale great heights through the medium of education that prepares them for life ahead. Sh. J.P. Shoor Ji emphasized the significance of striking a balance between tradition and modernity that will help young learners remain rooted to their culture and at the same time stay abreast with the changing times. Producing globally competent professionals who are aware of environmental issues and help in eradication of social evils has been the motto of DAV since its inception and it is the duty of present day teachers to rise up to the demands of the changing times.

Sh. J.P. Shoor Ji laid stress on promoting efficiency and excellence for overall development of the country. While stressing on the need for promoting Nationalism he asked the teachers to inculcate the value of respect for all religions to keep the delicate fabric of unity intact to safeguard the unique identity of the country. ‘A Nation is built in the classrooms’ and it is the duty of the teachers to produce emotionally balanced citizens who can successfully face the challenges of life in the spirit of brave men and women, was the message well received by the teachers who resolved to be true to the principles guiding the DAV institutions.

This interaction proved to be a great learning experience for the principals and the teachers alike. Filled with zeal and enthusiasm the audience comprising of the mentors in different capacities went back to handle the task in hand effectively thus leading to smooth functioning of their respective institutions.

Principal Mrs. J.K. Sidhu, thanked Sh. J.P. Shoor Ji, for his guidance and motivation to all. She also thanked principals and teachers from different DAV Institutions of the zone for availing the opportunity of listening to words of wisdom of a great educationist.