Block-C, B.R.S. Nagar, Ludhiana
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Exhibition displaying folk art of India ,China and Sri Lanka as a part of ISA project ‘Shades of Passion’
Event Start Date : 02/12/2017 Event End Date 02/12/2017

School was abuzz with activity on 2-12-17 as it organized an exhibition displaying folk art of India ,China and Sri Lanka as a part of ISA project ‘Shades of Passion’.

Mr. Marc Victor, Free-lance artiste from USA inaugurated the exhibition. The motive was to make the children aware of various schools of art prevalent in different countries and to enable them to express their thoughts through art form. The students put up an array of exhibits which included posters, charts, collages showing culture and festivals of these countries. They had also made replicas of the folk art and scrap books on different types of dance-forms of these countries. The students exuded confidence while explaining the various projects on display. The amalgamation of Indian, Chinese and Sri Lankan art form witnessed a remarkable confluence of innovative minds and creative hands.
The guest of the day Mr. Marc Victor demonstrated innovative techniques used in folk art which were received with enthusiasm by the young artists of the school. He said that such type of activities help the children to develop their aesthetic awareness. The exhibition was well-received by one and all.

Principal Mrs. J.K. Sidhu appreciated the efforts and hard work put in by students and complimented them. She hoped that such exhibitions would contribute to the overall development of the children and sharpen their artistic skills.